Mid Week relax & meditation

Mid Week relax & meditation

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I am happy to announce i am now holding mid week online meditation, re-set and replenishment session.

Join me for 45 minutes of serenity and calming energy where i will guide your mind body and soul into soft relaxation and bliss. 

Providing you a short guided mediatation and soothing connection from the comfortable and safe space of your own home.

The investment is just £6 as i feel that in these times is it important i offer help for those who are reaching out for it. 

Anyone is welcome to join and i invite those of you who have never done this before and those of you who are in this field of work who just need some extra self love and care time to replenish your soul.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

The next session is taking place:

Thursday 5th Aug

8pm Zoom

Please check your junk mail.

Love and blessings