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Join me with  this one off ascension manifestation workshop where i guide you in a unique and aligned practice using the rose of life activation techniques.

What it involves:

-Relaxation & energy balance ⚖️
-Mother Earth connection for grounding,nourishment & emotional support. 🙏
- The do’s and the dont’s of manifestion meditation.❌✅
-Dive into your emotional & physical manifestation goals 🤩
-Manifestation technique 📜
-We will be using a unique meditation technique to activate our electric and magnetic energy points.🧬

You do not have to have done anything like this before. It is guided for beginners and also those of you who would like to explore my unique technique.

You are worthy of a life you desire and dream of. 

The question is are you ready?!

I hope to see you on Friday 21st May 2021

8pm via Zoom

Please make sure you check your junk mail for the manifestation download with all details and requirements needed for the workshop.

Love and light