When i first started the brand 7 years ago it was because i could not find Brazilian style swimwear in the UK. Even when i ordered over seas it was very limited. 
I am also petite size UK6 and 5'2 with an enhanced sized c cup bust.
My aim was to feel more womanly and sexy when i went away, when i was younger i used to sew in more padding into my bikini tops to feel more confident.
This lead me to design swimwear that created more curves and to also cater for an enhanced bust too. 
As this is my personal journey from being a teenager and growing up, this is the space i started to design from.You will find most of my designs are micro Brazilian style this is because it is where my heart is at and what i personally enjoy designing. I do some swimsuit styles and high waist but mainly Brazilian style.
I cater for a large bust also up to an E cup and size UK16.
However, as my style are Brazilian they are much smaller cuts and they do show more skin.It is important that this is expressed to my customers so they understand the background of me and my designs without judgment.
As a small brand and doing most of the work alone, it is important that my boundaries are set in terms of how much i can cater for in terms of styles of swimwear. 
This is simply because i am a mindfulness coach i respect my mental and physical health knowing that i can not please everyone nor will my brand ever be perfect. The main thing i can do is provide the best possible service and designs i can for those who love my personal styles and designs.
So thank you for supporting me.
As a UNIVERSUS gender neutral brand my aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Giving you a pleasant and smooth experience.
I am not a fast fashion 'throw away' culture brand, i am traditional. This means i stick to traditional sizing. I do not make my labels smaller to gain sales from my customers.
I are true to sizing and therefore i can not be compared to other fast fashion brand sizing.I invite you to please bare this in mind when shopping with my designs.
I believe that my items are for anyone and everyone. To feel joy with no judgement is my main intent.
Please see each item's size guide in the info of the item and the drop down boxes for each item. These include sizes UK / US / EURO.
Please also note that as most of my styles are Brazilian and micro cut this does not mean they are 'small in size' it means they are cut and designed to show more flesh so please be aware of this.
If you have any questions please contact us on
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