Growing up and being from Romany Gypsy heritage I always knew that I was a bit “different”. I was always very naturally spiritual as a child mainly in my early teens when I started to wonder about life and myself.

I had a sacred space in my bedroom I made that I would use to feel safe and strong. I was always attracted to the little shops you get at the seaside with dream catchers and crystals and magical things.

It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I met someone who ignited this magic back inside me just through one sentence and simple energy exchange.From that day I never looked back. That was  about 4 years ago now and from that I started to meditate by doing a water cleanse each day, which I have already blogged about.

I didn’t learn it or read about it, it just came naturally to me. My mom then gifted me these little animals that hold a unique amazing energy she was drawn to in a charity shop, along with Kyle Grey ‘Raise Your vibration’ book. From then I started to use mediation for ways to get me through my life at that time.

This helped me gain insight to who I was, my intuition grew stronger and I knew I was about to face a complete life change. I was right…of course, as your gut instinct always is!… and then my life did a 360 as fast as I could click my fingers.

It was the beginning of something painful but wonderful and I would not change any of it.

The change knocked me back a bit in terms of where I wanted to live, my passion for work, my motivation stalled and gradually things came to a halt in all areas of my life. I am a very positive person, I also like to stay positive for people around me too.

However, around 10 months ago I surrendered. Feelings were triggered by special people who came in my life. Feelings I had never felt before, and feelings that were linked to my childhood, past friendships and past relationships.

I felt love, fear, rejection, anxiety (for the first time), anger, emotional and physical pain, depression and loss. I kept up my meditation and staying positive and working my way through life because one thing I learnt very young was to never give up and to face fears to move forward.

One emotion of abandonment was triggered inside me that I never even knew existed! I was like wow WTF! But I faced it head on and from that moment I knew all this emotion that had surfaced needed to be cleared. It needed to be healed in order for me to understand myself, my soul purpose here on earth and to create a happy life not just for me but for the people close to me.

One thing I have never said is “why me?” or “why not them?”.  One thing I avoid is those statements because ultimately we choose what life we want to live. Its all down to us. We have to make mistakes in order for us to grow.

I decided to go to Wales for the weekend to do some soul searching last August time. I did my angel cards which told me to join a soul group or religion. In that time ‘she rise’ soul circle had been born and I joined. From this I decided to start spiritual life coach sessions with Jayel – ‘She Rise’. One of the most amazing Angels to bless this earth. But they say that we meet everyone for a reason right!? … and she is the light! (her details bottom of the page).

That is when she advised me to start journaling every single day. She sends me away with home work and I am very self disciplined with it. This for me wasn’t just a chat, it was Grace…get your inner shit sorted NOW!

Thats when I started my journal. I add it into my night time routine. Brush my teeth, moisturise, answer people on my phone, set my alarm, put the phone away on silent, read, write in my journal,drink water, sleep.

It changed my life. I can’t guarantee you its going to change your life like it did mine. We are all here living a different life, we are all different people on a different journey. I can’t guarantee it will make you happy. It brings me happiness and a pain too. Thats part of the healing process. Its accepting life for what it is and accepting yourself for who you are and let feelings flow through.

I can’t guarantee its going to bring you, success, love, relationships, wealth, health or anything that you might “want” or “need” at this point in your life. I can’t guarantee its going to sort current relationships out, physical or mental problems.

But what I can guarantee from my experience is that if you stick to this every single night, it will bring you an awareness of how how you are feeling. It will connect your mind, body and soul.

It will give you access to your higher self. What brings your vibe up through your day, it could be as little as the bottle of water you drank after that hard gym work out! It brings you to learn how to live in the present moment, to live each day how YOU want.

I can tell you it will give you awareness of who, or what brings you down.What food you are eating that is triggering an emotion or a feeling in your body. What patterns start to occur in your life, positive and negative. As stated above,everyone is different so we all experience different things from it.

This will bring you a whole insight as to what you are actually grateful for, the essential things in life that we forget about because we can get so consumed in everything and everyone else around us.

With this information you can analyse. You can do what you please. No one can tell you what do do with it, no one can teach you what to do with it. You can be guided by someone but anyone who tries to teach you is not authentic. Only YOU can teach yourself, there is no right or wrong.

The answer is within YOU. You already have it in there. You just just have to be brave enough to find it.

You have to tune in, listen to your body, analyse any feeling that is triggered from your core soul. Realisations may hit you, hard changes may need to be made, but it is a simple task that can have amazing positive impacts on your life.

Below are the 8 questions I made up myself and started out answering every night before I sleep. 

How did you wake up feeling today?

What did you eat today?

What made your vibe raise up?

What made your vibe down?

How is your bodily health feeling today? (Ie , headache, aches pains etc)

What would you like to manifest?

What are you grateful for?

How do you want to wake up tomorrow feeling like?

Once I did this for a few months I took out the question of ‘what made your vibe down?’. I felt as though I gained access to who and what was causing me discomfort. So once that was recognised  I started to remove those things and people who caused that effect on me from my life, one being tomatoes!! who would have thought! Now that question is gone if anything in particular happens that is off balance I write it in that space.

I believe when you can cross that question out you are facing fears and making positive changes in your life!

So why not give it a go!  Please don’t have incredible expectations. Because as I said above I can’t guarantee it will work for you like it did for me. Just go in with an open mind and allow yourself to stay discipled to doing this everyday.

Good luck!

Love Light and Happiness



SHE RISE with Jayel www.sherise.co.uk IG:@sheriseuk





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