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I’m Gemma Linaker. British wheel of yoga teacher, Holistic therapist and owner of Lemonstem yoga studio.

In 2013 I was 26 years of age and I was working as a teacher at our town’s local college teaching beauty & holistic therapies. This was my first Job as a teacher after graduating from university with a teaching degree. I had my first home with my partner, a good job, degree and an abundant of family and friends around me. Things were looking beautiful from the “outside”

But that’s exactly it. “The outside”

On the inside I was battling with anxiety. This was the kind of anxiety that nestles deep in your entire being. This was the type of anxiety where you felt suffocated by your own thoughts. 

Each morning a beam of light shone through my curtains from my bed reminding me it’s a new day to walk side by side again with my shadow of darkness. I couldn’t wait for each day to be over in the hope that the next morning my shadow would be gone. 

 This anxiety gave me a foggy vision and a heavy heart. If I close my eyes, I can still feel the cold that the grey cloud swept me in.

I remember clearly being in the gym one evening and deciding to try a yoga class. I had never tried yoga before, but at the time I was very much into running half marathons and even my first full marathon, so I only went really because I thought I needed to stretch more. I never once thought yoga was as much about the mental healing as it is physical healing. 

I will never forget that first class. Something happened. I found a glimmer of myself inside. She only came out for a split second, but I found her. She was in there trapped. I needed to get her out.

I walked away from that class confused, enlightened, frightened, happy and curious! I know, what a mix bag of emotions hey

I wanted MORE! 

Each week I attended class. Sometimes with a heavy heart and other times I felt aligned and my mind clear as water. You see the thing is your yoga mat doesn’t care if you come with a jumbled mind, all it cares about is that you show up.

I began to yoga consistently and fall deeply in love with self help books. Even today you will always find me carrying a self-help book. My first self-help book that brought to me my first ever sprinkle of magic was the secret.

From here my holistic approach to wellness snowballed. I started to eat better, to move in a gentler approach as opposed to all the running I used to do. My mind felt clearer and I was taught how to see the beauty in every single moment and appreciate every loving breath I was given by this universe. 

In 2017 I was due to go back to the college after having a year off with my first child Freddie. Something didn’t feel right about it. I guess I felt this wasn’t no longer my path anymore. I had changed. Or better to say I had found my true self.

Later that year I followed my calling and trained to be a yoga teacher with the British wheel of yoga school. The rest is history! 

My career is beautiful. I get to share the beauty and healing properties of this ancient practice with our human race and it literally fills every cell of my body with humility and Joy.

If you have never tried a yoga class before then I urge you to try one. Yoga is a breath led practice which is simply the best gift you could ever give to yourself. 

There are many wonderful teachers out there all sharing a little piece of their own hearts with you. Each teacher will offer something different and you will find your teachers that you connect with, and when that happens, the magic surely arrives.

There is so much to explore with yoga, it doesn’t just stop after taking one class. The teachings are infinite, and this blog only gives you a glimmer.

But what I will promise you, is that once you begin to start working on yourself of all mentally, physically and spiritually you will never look back. You will always continue to be the best version of your true self.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your class, step onto your mat and watch your path enfold out Infront of you.

My favourite quote 

“Yoga isn’t about touching your toes. It’s about what you learn on the way down” – Jigar Gor

Love & Light

Gemma Linaker

Growing up and being from Romany Gypsy heritage I always knew that I was a bit “different”. I was always very naturally spiritual as a child mainly in my early teens when I started to wonder about life and myself.

I had a sacred space in my bedroom I made that I would use to feel safe and strong. I was always attracted to the little shops you get at the seaside with dream catchers and crystals and magical things.

It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I met someone who ignited this magic back inside me just through one sentence and simple energy exchange.From that day I never looked back. That was  about 4 years ago now and from that I started to meditate by doing a water cleanse each day, which I have already blogged about.

I didn’t learn it or read about it, it just came naturally to me. My mom then gifted me these little animals that hold a unique amazing energy she was drawn to in a charity shop, along with Kyle Grey ‘Raise Your vibration’ book. From then I started to use mediation for ways to get me through my life at that time.

This helped me gain insight to who I was, my intuition grew stronger and I knew I was about to face a complete life change. I was right…of course, as your gut instinct always is!… and then my life did a 360 as fast as I could click my fingers.

It was the beginning of something painful but wonderful and I would not change any of it.

The change knocked me back a bit in terms of where I wanted to live, my passion for work, my motivation stalled and gradually things came to a halt in all areas of my life. I am a very positive person, I also like to stay positive for people around me too.

However, around 10 months ago I surrendered. Feelings were triggered by special people who came in my life. Feelings I had never felt before, and feelings that were linked to my childhood, past friendships and past relationships.

I felt love, fear, rejection, anxiety (for the first time), anger, emotional and physical pain, depression and loss. I kept up my meditation and staying positive and working my way through life because one thing I learnt very young was to never give up and to face fears to move forward.

One emotion of abandonment was triggered inside me that I never even knew existed! I was like wow WTF! But I faced it head on and from that moment I knew all this emotion that had surfaced needed to be cleared. It needed to be healed in order for me to understand myself, my soul purpose here on earth and to create a happy life not just for me but for the people close to me.

One thing I have never said is “why me?” or “why not them?”.  One thing I avoid is those statements because ultimately we choose what life we want to live. Its all down to us. We have to make mistakes in order for us to grow.

I decided to go to Wales for the weekend to do some soul searching last August time. I did my angel cards which told me to join a soul group or religion. In that time ‘she rise’ soul circle had been born and I joined. From this I decided to start spiritual life coach sessions with Jayel – ‘She Rise’. One of the most amazing Angels to bless this earth. But they say that we meet everyone for a reason right!? … and she is the light! (her details bottom of the page).

That is when she advised me to start journaling every single day. She sends me away with home work and I am very self disciplined with it. This for me wasn’t just a chat, it was Grace…get your inner shit sorted NOW!

Thats when I started my journal. I add it into my night time routine. Brush my teeth, moisturise, answer people on my phone, set my alarm, put the phone away on silent, read, write in my journal,drink water, sleep.

It changed my life. I can’t guarantee you its going to change your life like it did mine. We are all here living a different life, we are all different people on a different journey. I can’t guarantee it will make you happy. It brings me happiness and a pain too. Thats part of the healing process. Its accepting life for what it is and accepting yourself for who you are and let feelings flow through.

I can’t guarantee its going to bring you, success, love, relationships, wealth, health or anything that you might “want” or “need” at this point in your life. I can’t guarantee its going to sort current relationships out, physical or mental problems.

But what I can guarantee from my experience is that if you stick to this every single night, it will bring you an awareness of how how you are feeling. It will connect your mind, body and soul.

It will give you access to your higher self. What brings your vibe up through your day, it could be as little as the bottle of water you drank after that hard gym work out! It brings you to learn how to live in the present moment, to live each day how YOU want.

I can tell you it will give you awareness of who, or what brings you down.What food you are eating that is triggering an emotion or a feeling in your body. What patterns start to occur in your life, positive and negative. As stated above,everyone is different so we all experience different things from it.

This will bring you a whole insight as to what you are actually grateful for, the essential things in life that we forget about because we can get so consumed in everything and everyone else around us.

With this information you can analyse. You can do what you please. No one can tell you what do do with it, no one can teach you what to do with it. You can be guided by someone but anyone who tries to teach you is not authentic. Only YOU can teach yourself, there is no right or wrong.

The answer is within YOU. You already have it in there. You just just have to be brave enough to find it.

You have to tune in, listen to your body, analyse any feeling that is triggered from your core soul. Realisations may hit you, hard changes may need to be made, but it is a simple task that can have amazing positive impacts on your life.

Below are the 8 questions I made up myself and started out answering every night before I sleep. 

How did you wake up feeling today?

What did you eat today?

What made your vibe raise up?

What made your vibe down?

How is your bodily health feeling today? (Ie , headache, aches pains etc)

What would you like to manifest?

What are you grateful for?

How do you want to wake up tomorrow feeling like?

Once I did this for a few months I took out the question of ‘what made your vibe down?’. I felt as though I gained access to who and what was causing me discomfort. So once that was recognised  I started to remove those things and people who caused that effect on me from my life, one being tomatoes!! who would have thought! Now that question is gone if anything in particular happens that is off balance I write it in that space.

I believe when you can cross that question out you are facing fears and making positive changes in your life!

So why not give it a go!  Please don’t have incredible expectations. Because as I said above I can’t guarantee it will work for you like it did for me. Just go in with an open mind and allow yourself to stay discipled to doing this everyday.

Good luck!

Love Light and Happiness



SHE RISE with Jayel www.sherise.co.uk IG:@sheriseuk





Hi everyone!

My name is Lauren Firenza I am founder and creator crystal jewellery brand FIRENZA (Instagram: @iamfirenza).

I hand make and sell bespoke crystal necklaces, rings, earrings and Shad keychains!

I started my journey into hand made crystal jewellery in March 2017 when I was studying Business Management & Leadership at university.  I wanted (needed!) a creative release and outlet, as I felt I was trapped studying something I found interesting, but didn’t make me feel free. I felt somewhat restricted by how little I could express myself when I was in that environment. So FIRENZA was born!

My love for crystals began when my bohemian mum would put a little rose quartz in my school blazer pocket so I could carry her love with me everywhere. I realised I was a crystal magpie when I would go on school trips or go on holiday and the most exciting part for me was to go on the hunt for crystals!

Crystals have always been a part of me since I was young so growing up with such great love for them they have always been part of my inner healing and protection. They have helped me through desperate times, and they have helped me through life situations we all face. Things like break ups, family losses, anxiety and stress.

However working with crystals and their healing energy has been even more involved in my life this year when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. 

No one can prepare you for cancer. I went into my journey with it with a positive mindset of mind over matter. Super strong support system, understanding everything I have and am about to go through is temporary and throughout this journey having my trusty crystals by my side to keep me calm, focused and emotionally stable. I will share the ones I use with you below and their meanings and how you can also benefit from their magic.

You can also follow my cancer journey on Instagram: @glowing.withtheflow. I talk about my journey on here along with my spiritual practices and lots more on how I keep my positive mind set on cancer.

I have made a list of my top 5 crystal picks which have helped me in my everyday life and darkest times and these are:



1) Clear Quartz: This beautiful Crystal is my everyday crystal which I wear as a necklace and under my pillow at night. It’s used for emotional balancing and mental clarity. It also helps you stay focused during those rocky days you might feel a little uneasy about life. 

2) Amethyst: This crystal is for is relieving anxiety and is a great crystal to calm the mind and body. It is supportive of the emotional part of your body. So it brings those of you who may be overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed back to centre. For those of you who are un aware of what ‘back to centre’ means, this is a phrase used to explain the re-balance on our energies in our body.Its like a re set button.

The Amethyst also eases the mental anxieties and is a comforting crystal for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

3) Labradorite: This is my other everyday crystal that I live in! A crystal of “Transformation” and “Grounding”, Labradorite is a useful companion through change and perseverance. It provides strength, determination & intuition in times of change or conflict.

Not to mention, when it’s in the light, this stunning crystal flickers blues flashes and is completely mesmerising! 

4) Moonstone: A magical stone for “new beginnings”. Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress. It also stabilises the emotions, providing you with calmness.

If you’re feeling lost, this is a great crystal to meditate with and in get in touch with our inner feelings. Again like the Labradorite this crystal becomes iridescent under light and also flickers stunning blue flashes!

5) Black Obsidian: Obsidian is the “Protection Stone”.  This is worn to grounds you, calm you & protect you from negative energy. Whether that be in a workplace, a relationship, a friendship or everyday life situations. It is also known as the “grief stone” as it helps those dealing with the loss of a loved one to identify hidden feelings of anger and grief, this then allows you to relieve emotional blockages so the healing process can begin.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope I have given you a simple understanding on crystals and the magic they possess and how they help me and can help you too.

I hope I have helped or can help anyone who may be going through any of the things I have spoken about in todays blog.

If you any questions or if you would like to purchase one of my crystal products to help you then please visit www.iamfirenza.com 

Alternatively you can inbox me on Instagram @iamfirenza 💕

Love and Light,

Lauren Firenza🙏🏼


In July 2017 when I started getting into my crystal healing.

This gorgeous lovely lady Lauren gifted me the most beautiful labradorite crystal necklace. This crystal is one of my most precious crystals. The energy and love that came with it just felt RIGHT. 

Warm, loving, healing and special. 

Whenever I feel like I need protecting this is the crystal I wear.

I feel fearless and powerful when I have it on and it does something  to my energy that just works like magic. 

Ever since Lauren gifted this to me we have stayed in contact. She has helped me with crystals, questions and experiences I have been through, always willing to help always generating positivity and knowledge so freely and so effortlessly. 

Since September last year I decided to up my spiritual journey through autumn / winter with goddess Kali with the help from my soul circle group and teacher Jayel.

Not many people will know what Iv been through, not many people will know the struggles I have faced. The main thing for me was to face them. To be brave, to surrender, to let go, to forgive, to move on, to learn and most of all to grow!

Spiritual growth is not pretty, it’s not all beautiful crystals walks and magic. It’s hard, it takes a lot of strength. 

You loose people, you gain people. You loose things you thought meant a lot to you, and you gain more you never knew you would think you needed. Your financial circumstances change, your work changes, your path takes you places you never imagined,the universe tests you, your morals and values surface.  You can’t hide you have to ride through the temporary pain. 

You learn to understand your mind through your body. You learn to understand your body! 

Your higher self guidance can not be ignored in order to grow. 

Once your inner shit is gone you begin a whole new life. That is the beautiful, pretty, magic you see on the outside and it’s so worth it.

I decided to spread my knowledge my gifts I was born with to help people via my social media. More and more people ask me every day so I decided to link it into my work life and Pretty Pink Princess. 

I want my customers to have FREE accessible information to help them to make them feel good inside.

This leads me back to to Lauren… 

I contacted her to ask if she wanted to write a blog about Crystal healing. Her reply was… 

 “I don’t know if you know but I’ve been diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer and crystals are part of keeping my energy calm. So if you don’t mind I would love to include a little bit of that? … lets spread the word #fuckcancer “

Her positivity overwhelmed me especially after loosing my sister recently. Laura and I discussed mind set and positivity and belief, meditation and affirmations. We discussed my soul circle and my meditations,  she asked what I had learnt. She took everything on board and she believed in the magic! I wish more people had access to understand the power of spiritual healing. 

So for Laura too, me and Lauren have now teamed up to teach people more about how Crystal healing can help not only traumatic illness but also every day life struggles we may face. 

Lauren’s blog goes LIVE tomorrow on Pretty Pink Princess ‘Mind Body & Soul’ section. 

We can’t wait for you guys to read it.


Once I started to get back into my spiritual journey around 5 years ago I had crystals but I didn’t really know what to do with them. I just thought they were there to leave on the side bring me some good energy and that was it really. I was more focused on my meditation.

I had them around me whilst I meditated but really I didn’t know much about how they worked or what ones to use.

It wasn’t until I started to get more into my journey that I started to research about how magical they can actually be.

I always suggest when you want a crystal you visit a shop and you pick one you are attracted to at that time. Crystals will come to you or set off an energy attracting you to them when the time is right for that particular one.

For an example, I have a sacred place where my crystals live and sometimes in the morning I am just drawn to a certain one. I can’t explain the feeling but its almost like a gut feeling to go and pick it up. Some days I am not attracted to any at all, some days I will choose a particular one to have with me that I know will help me with something I am doing that day.

Once I started to learn more about them through google, books, shops and through personal experiences I have had with particular crystals I began to realise the importance of cleansing them. Trust me, it is VITAL you cleanse them.

I always explain to people, crystals are like little pets, they are alive, they are energy, they are magic! They need looking after and attention just as much as a pet does. They need to live in the right place, they need to be washed (cleansed) and in return they love to help you.

So this brings me to HOW exactly do you do this!

1: Research on where your crystals like to live in your home.

2: Research what your crystals are for and what are they are here to help you with. All crystals differ.

3: Find a sacred place / space in your home where you can go to relax if you need some time out. You can place your crystals on here. This will give you that boost we all need every now and then.

4: Talk to them! Say thank you to your crystals for helping you, for giving you their energy. The universe hears your gratitude and after all crystals are all naturally formed from earth.

5: Cleanse your crystals. This restores your crystal to its natural state. Its just like us having a shower or taking your dog to the groomer!

I highly recommend a book called ‘Crystal bliss’ by Devi Brown. Its a great way to learn about crystals and its a really lovely book to read and enjoy as it is not too heavy. It also has a gorgeous pleasing cover so looks great on show too.

So more to the point, how do you cleanse them? …

When it comes to cleansing your crystals I personally find that burning sage is the best way. Once you have the above you can start to cleanse your crystals. A full moon is really good too, you can sage then leave your crystals out in the full moon for that extra energy. However a full moon is not essential.

RANDOM FACT: FYI if you wear diamonds or gem stones in your jewellery, rings, watch etc. These are also crystals and hold energy so I do recommend cleansing them regularly too.



1: Light a candle and thank the universe for fire.

2: Find a SAFE place and away from children to burn the sage over the flame along with the crystal(s) you want to cleanse.You will start to see the sage smoke. It should not be on fire for more than a few seconds. All you need is the sage stick to be gently smoking. If you have trouble with keeping it smoking blow on the sage and this should do the trick.

3: Once you are happy with this you can now start! All you need to do is hold up the crystal and allow the smoke to hit the crystal. Turn the crystal around so the smoke covers  all of its surface area. I usually say a mantra to cleanse my crystals in my head or sometimes out loud.

I simply say “I cleanse this crystal of any negative energy, negative entities and bring only love, light,peace,  happiness and positivity.”

You may feel like you want to say something else or nothing at all. Maybe this crystal served you a great purpose, so you may want to thank it. I always go with my inner gut feelings at the time.

4: Once you have done this you can stub out the sage in the shell. Please make sure it is out so you don’t cause any fire hazards!

Place your crystals back in their desired living areas and thats them happy and refreshed!

I hope this blog has helped you get an insight in to how to look after your beautiful crystals.

Feel free to leave any comments on this blog space below.






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