Our Story

Starting with a desire to create the most unique and beautiful bikinis, Pretty Pink Princess was born…

Our bikini designs are inspired by spectacular Brazilian and American swimwear fashion, giving you the chance to stand out, be unique, feel sexy and confident.



Our Vision

Pretty Pink Princess bikinis, lingerie and active wear suit all types of women. 

We want you feel good with your body, and confident to show your curves. Feel good about your figure, your legs, bum, bust, or whatever it is you like best about yourself all year round.

So we are here to help!


Please get in touch with us on Social Media, and send us your snaps:



Take a selfie in PPP simply @ us, tag us, and #PPPBABE for a 10% OFF voucher code! 


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Behind the Brand

Behind the scenes we aim to take care over even the most minute detail at every stage of the way, from designing, producing,
preparing and packing. 

Our Creative team are always working on new and unique designs to add to the Princess collection, and we are always creating new lines and styles to introduce.

From swimwear, bikinis, lace & lingerie, and our exclusive Beach wear… we believe the Princess experience is everlasting, making sure you continue to look and feel incredible.

If there’s anything you’d love to see from us, why not get in touch? We always love to hear from our Princesses!

Find out more about our Styles & Collections…

  • Our Bikinis

Our unique bikinis are designed in-house and include a range of different styles to ensure there is something you will love!

See our range from, push uphalter neck, cheeky & brazilian,sexybandeau, more coverage, and our leading “scrunch bum” range.


  • Our Lingerie

We love our exquisite line of delicate Lingerie, fringe and Lace!

These are the perfect pieces for you to feel amazing for night wear, boudoir, and bed time.


  • Our Beachwear

The Beach Wear range is just what you need to keep looking amazing on your holidays, and whilst abroad and by the pool or sea.

Many of our lines also include the unique scrunch bum to create the perfect peach for the beach!

Our Mission

To create the most beautiful and unique designs for you to stand out, be unique, feel sexy, and confident.

Whether it’s at the beach or in the bedroom, by the pool, or your very own luxury private island resort, we want you to be incredible when you wear our designs and always feel one in a million! #PPPBABE

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