Our brand message

Starting with a desire to create the most unique and beautiful swimwear, Pretty Pink Princess was born…

Our luxury unique swimwear and beachwear is designed in house in the UK.

Creating limited edition pieces to suit all shapes and sizes we want to give back to you.

Ultimately to feel good on the outside we need to feel good on the inside. A lot of authentic positive energy goes into what we do and what we design. So when you wear them we want you to take a little bit of our magic with you!

The creative hub

We design our swimwear and beachwear in house in the UK.

We take months to design our items to make sure that the quality, fit and wear of our items are perfect for you.

Created by our in house designer, we stay fresh and keep up with the most unique and seasonal designs, just for you.

Behind the Brand

Behind the scenes we aim to take care over even the most minute details at every stage of the way, from designing, producing, preparing and packing.

Our Creative team are always working on new and unique designs and creating new lines and styles to introduce all year round.

From swimwear beachwear and lingerie. We believe the Princess experience is everlasting, making sure you continue to feel and look incredible.

Behind the Brand

MIND BODY SOUL is a section of our website to give back to YOU!

We have some amazing professionals getting involved in our blog section helping you gain access to free information. From crystal healing,  journaling, fitness, phyisical and mental health advice.

Being a swimwear brand body image is not just about how you look in the designs we create, but it is very important that we help you feel magic inside too. Because nothing can dim the light that shines from within.


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